There is a good chance each of us has been deeply affected by the loss of a loved one from septic shock – I have. Each year it is estimated that over twenty million critically ill patients who are admitted to hospital Intensive Care Units (ICUs) start down the septic pathway. Unfortunately, no rapid, accurate test is currently available to diagnose early these patients who often suffer for weeks before finally succumbing to this indiscriminate killer. We intend to change this unacceptable situation by providing the first truly accurate diagnostic test for the early detection of the sepsis pathology.

Based upon our patented monoclonal antibodies and immunoassay methods for a new plasma biomarker, inducible nitric oxide synthase, our team of scientists has created and clinically tested the first reliable in vitro diagnostic (IVD) test capable of detecting the early onset of sepsis. R&D Ab’s® breakthrough technology has lead to the development of the first test able to prognosticate specifically the onset of sepsis and to monitor accurately the course of this life-threatening pathology. We have developed a powerful new weapon that will provide the very critical early information needed by physicians to initiate current standard of care therapies to stop the downward progression of the sepsis death spiral. Our patented monoclonal antibody based IVD test is expected to save tens-of-thousands, if not hundreds-of-thousands, of lives every year and to be one of the most successful clinical IVD products ever developed.

We are now seeking to identify partners and investors who have the same vision in developing our breakthrough IVD test as one of the solutions to this relentless and ever-growing deadly pathology. Let's move quickly together to stop this indiscriminate killer.


Robert Webber, Ph.D.
President and CEO
NevBio 2012 Researcher of the Year

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